1. Three months prior to the Wedding
    All measurements and selections should be finalized 3 months prior to the Wedding. Measurements can be done as a group or individually. If someone lives out of town, they will need to get measured elsewhere and have them to us by the time of the fitting or shortly after. Measurements can be submitted via online form, email, or phone call. Once the Wedding attire has been selected and ALL measurements have been submitted, we will order the suits or tuxedos. * Failure to submit measurements by the specific date could result in unavailability of Wedding attire. * We are not responsible for measurements that are not done by a Mr. Shoppe associate.
  2. Week of the Wedding
    Tuxedos are usually in by Tuesday or Wednesday the week of your Wedding. We will contact the Bride and Groom once the tuxedos arrive at the Mr. Shoppe and they will be responsible for contacting all the groomsmen. It is best to get them to the Mr. Shoppe as soon as possible to try them on so that we have enough time to get replacements if necessary. Suits should be tried on as soon as they come in. All the pants come unfinished and will need to be hemmed. It is possible we may need to get a different size and it is important we have enough time to do so. All merchandise must be paid in full before it can leave the store.
  3. Monday after the Wedding
    Any merchandise that is rented needs to be returned the Monday after the event by 7:00pm to avoid late charges.